Project Team


  • In-person usability studies

Tools Used

  • Github


Society of Grownups opened its doors to the public in October 2014. A team of researchers, designers, and developers built a prototype of a tool to help employees know who was scheduled to visit each day and what the purpose of their visit was. As we had no experience with this business model and no directly comparable model to use as a template, we needed to iterate on the design quickly as we learned what obstacles our employees ran into.


I set up quick and dirty usability studies with members of the community team (the team members who interacted directly with our customers) to understand if they were having any problems using the customer check in functionality. I asked them to perform simple tasks and watched as they attempted to complete them on an iPad, taking notes where things weren't working as well as we thought they might.


As I noticed where our employees were getting tripped up on the new interface, I worked closely with an internal developer to make changes. This mostly consisted of crude drawings, short conversations, and issue reports in Github. Occasionally, I actually made changes to the code myself to address minor spacing or wording issues.

Lessons Learned

Having a short feedback loop between myself and the developer who was responsible for coding this tool enabled us to act quickly and with little effort spent on superfluous documentation. This enabled us to make quick changes, helping the community team function more efficiently.

Important Note

The images above were created by a designer from IDEO with whom I worked very closely to iterate on this design. This image is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as representative of my work entirely.