Project Team


  • Persona Development
  • User Flows
  • Interactive Prototype

Tools Used

  • LovelyCharts
  • OpenOffice Draw & Impress
  • Axure RP


Registering for academic courses can be difficult. A small team and I endeavored to create a more usable design that would allow for simpler registration, especially for students who have never registered before. This group of students was a special focus for us since they usually require the assistance of their academic advisor to use the system when they register for their first classes.


As a team, we decided to start our research by completing a competitive analysis of a handful of existing course registration software systems, discovering and developing user personas, and mapping existing interaction and process flows.

Once we had a good understanding of the user environment, we started sketching out workflows, interaction flows, and wireframes. The wireframes were then turned into interactive prototypes using Axure RP. These prototypes were iteratively tested and improved with undergraduate study participants.


When we were comfortable with our experience design direction, we created high-fidelity wireframes which were used to present our design decisions. I also presented the project process and outcomes at an IxDA Cleveland meeting.

Lessons Learned

This project gave me a great deal of experience creating an interactive prototype using Axure RP, especially with using dynamic panels to mimic rich interactions.