Project Team


  • Participant Recruitment
  • Usability Studies
  • Wireframes

Tools Used

  • Qualtrics
  • Doodle (for participant scheduling)
  • Skype and
  • Camtasia
  • Photoshop


From talking with the support team, the JustCode product team had a hunch that they could probably improve some areas of their product. They enlisted me to help them understand what was and was not working for their users.


To help me understand how JustCode users were using the product, I designed a survey to find out which features of the product people were aware of and using (or not using). This survey was delivered to thousands of JustCode customers.

Once I understood which features were causing the most confusion, I designed and ran a remote usability study with about ten participants to further understand how specific users were using these features.


After running the survey and usability studies, I compiled all of the results and delivered a few suggestions for usability improvements to the JustCode team. These suggestions were scheduled for implementation in future releases of the product.

Lessons Learned

The most challenging thing for me during this project was running remote usability studies with people from all around the world. I overcame language barriers, technology issues, and connectivity problems. This was the first time I ran a remote study that wasn't focused on users who lived in the United States, spoke English, and had decent Internet connections. Ever since, even when the studies were focused on more local users, the lessons I had learned on this project have me better prepared for study abnormalities.