Innately interested in how people interact both between themselves and with software, I've been involved in the user experience design world for almost 10 years.

Technical background

Coming from a software engineering background has given me the ability to empathize with the developers on my team and informs my design decisions.

Engaged in the community

Whether volunteering my time reviewing conference submissions or heading up local UX groups, community has always been an important part of the work I do.

Andrew took on a variety of responsibilities at Society of Grownups–in true startup fashion. He not only supported and onboarded the technology team, but was instrumental in the launch of Andrew then moved into a bigger leadership role where he built the processes to attract, retain, and grow talent as the company expanded from 5 to 55 employees. Andrew's attitude is exemplary and his level of drive, grit, and initiative is truly incredible. Whether it was leading by example, analyzing and driving the metrics on employee satisfaction, Andrew is truly dedicated and gifted.
Nondini Naqui Nondini Naqui, CEO & President, Society of Grownups
Andrew is that rare colleague who combines whip-smart intelligence and deep compassion in his approach. As such, he's always seeking to improve and perfect experiences, be it the team working environment, customer interactions, and/or products overall. His optimistic attitude, coupled with a no-nonsense critical sensibility, make him an insightful collaborator and a great asset to any team.
Sarah Pascarella Sarah Pascarella, Head of Digital Content, Society of Grownups