• User Flow

Tools Used

  • Whiteboard
  • Sketchpad
  • Balsamiq


Have you ever gone to lunch, only to realize that your co-worker is already in line a few people ahead of you? In our office, this happened way too often, so we decided to create an app to make it easier to find out what everyone had planned for lunch.


A few co-workers and I headed straight to the whiteboard to figure out what information was needed to help make sharing lunch easier. Once we had a good idea what was needed, I took to the sketchpad and started drawing out some interaction design ideas, which were then translated into interaction flows using Balsamiq.

Conceptual sketch of LunchBoat interface
Rough sketch of LunchBoat user flow diagram
Mockup of screen interface flow diagram for LunchBoat


The project, named LunchBoat, was released to the Apple AppStore and Google Play as a demo application for Telerik AppBuilder, KendoUI Mobile, and Telerik Backend Services.

Lessons Learned

Even though I was only primarily involved in the ideation phase of this project, I kept involved with the development team as it progressed. As usual, technical issues and revised business objectives sometimes got in the way of the original design direction. I made sure I was able to open my mind to the new constraints in order to brainstorm and test new design ideas.